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    Friday, November 25, 2011

    The Great Ocean Road.

    hi again,

    i guess it's time to get in touch with photog again after exams :) got some pretty nice shots today from the great ocean road trip. funnily, they're taken from my awesome canon digi cam instead of the SLR. lost touch, me thinks.

    the arch.

    the twelve apostles. too saturated though.

    the award winning shot for today. cant remember where this was :)


    Monday, July 4, 2011


    My gear has been left rotting in my wardrobe. Skills are a lil dusty too.
    The two pics are just out of pure luck. Not very impressive anyway :(

    Ducks @ University of Queensland


    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    From Phillip Island, With Love.

    My camera has been rotting for a few months and i reckon/truly believe that my pre-self-acquired photog skills have gone down the drain.

    Nevertheless, people get lucky sometimes and...yeah I had a few lucky shots today! :)

    As usual, my pics are usually environment-themed.
    Had a cool animal pic though!
    Enjoy, and let me know if u like it!

    18 yr old koala with her joeyyy! Koalas usually live up to 16 yrs old but....this is a grandma! :)
    lucky shot cos d joey is not SLEEPING. LOL!
    p.s. the 50mm works again!

    i kinda like the light blue patches here and there. However, horizon is not straight....sigh.

    just like the feel of this pic :)

    till next time!

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010


    mt buller in winter!
    not many pics cos i was too busy snow fighting with everyone! XD

    loved this cos it reminded me of a painting.
    or a picture on a book cover =)
    taken using my canon 1000D.

    shot from my canon ixus!
    DIGITAL CAM. not too bad rite?
    too sked to bring my slr up. bad news, i dropped it on d ground cos i slipped =(

    till then,

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    Brighton Beach

    wow, soooo dead!

    here's some few pics. nothing too fancy...just to show u how brighton beach looks like =)

    crossroad. im pretty pleased at how this turned out =)

    ah, picturesque brighton.

    not mucha emotions in this.
    if only this boy was older and topless *winks*

    so colourful! not the best shot of the huts though.

    soft blend of colours.

    till then.

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    St. Kilda Beach

    bright sunny day.
    though i will screw up using my 50mm.
    but.....hmmm. what ya think?

    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    Scenes from Flagstaff, Melbourne

    pics are from my 50mm =)
    its getting closer to what i have in mind but....i need fresh ideas!

    tried something new this time by inserting words into pictures. it makes the picture speak louder i think. looks more professional too? you judge.

    my favourite picture of the day.

    really love the lighting of this pic.

    rose. i pretty much screwed up the font of d words. eeeeh.

    my least favourite. wanted the purple to be more prominent style is the same as d rose before...cos i forgot to change the focus. DENG.

    comments comments! =)
    yup, i love taking flowers =)